2023 Nebraska Counselor Cafe: The Practice of Being Present

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March 31, 2023 | 9:00 - 10:30am CDT







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About This Event

This presentation will strengthen the ability of the therapist to deeply hear and track their client's emotional states. To do this, therapists have to build their own ability to be present with others and engage in strong right hemispheric engagement. While this presentation will include some teaching content, it will also be a safe, reflective process that allows clinicians to also explore and honor their own process as we all develop our ability to be present with our clients.


  • Understanding and exploring our presence to others in sessions.
  • Strengthen the "in the moment" process for therapists, allowing them to support the emotional unfolding of client's as it occurs.
  • Moving therapists to a process of stronger emotional skills, allowing them to be more effective and present with each client they serve.

Who should attend? Nebraska mental health counselors. 


Therapist, Clinical Director
Midwest Encouragement and Counseling Center

Jody is a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner with a strong passion for helping children, adolescents and their families find relief from the stress and trauma experienced in their life. She has worked in a wide variety of clinical settings over the past 20+ years, maintaining a focus on children and families. Jody works from a very holistic perspective, as she has extensive training attachment and trauma issues. Training over the years include, EMDR , CBT, CPP, Play Therapy/Expressive Arts, TF-CBT, TANT and NMT (Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics). More recently, Jody has concentrated her focus on gut-brain health for children and the impacts of Polyvagal functioning. Jody is leading the practice in partnership with UNK and Kuranda Wavelengths to lead cutting edge research and interventions related to the impacts of vibration and neural entrainment.

Jody has worked with clients who have diverse backgrounds experiencing trauma, grief/loss, divorce of parents, disrupted attachment patterns, and anxiety or depression. She believes in the value of forming safe and secure connections with the client as well as the family system to support the growth in family interactions. She also believes that providing a safe environment allows for reflective work, where individuals can explore not only their current functioning, but also their early experiences as a child that impact how they perceive and respond to their world today. Jody also enjoys providing clinical supervision and presentations to agencies in the area.

Registration Details

Registration closes March 30, 2023. 

This session is intended for Nebraska mental health counselors. 



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