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Sensory Development In Utero & Early Detection


An overview of developmental phases of sensory development and integration. Dr. Paula Ray discusses identification of early signs of potential impact of trauma across developmental domains that may trigger a referral for further evaluation and intervention.

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Dr. Paula Ray, PsyD

Dr. Paula Ray is a psychologist with specialization in Pediatric Neuropsychology and Infant/Early Childhood mental health. Areas of special interest include the developmental impact of prenatal exposure to toxins, trauma and environmental stress and traumatic brain injury. Dr. Ray completed training in advanced child assessment at Reiss Davis Child Study Center and Infant Mental Health training with the Early Childhood Foundation at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Dr. Ray is a Brain Injury Specialist and worked as a Pediatric Neuropsychologist at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital for a decade after moving to Nebraska. Dr. Ray currently provides statewide training in Child-Parent Psychotherapy and maintains a private practice in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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