Reflective Consultation

Reflective Consultation

The Nebraska Center on Reflective Practice (NCRP) partners with a network of consultants and staff to facilitate reflective consultation to individuals or groups of people within an organization.

What is Reflective Consultation?

Reflective consultation is an opportunity for you to meet regularly with a FAN-trained professional and to receive reflective practice. It complements existing supervision models by helping you focus on the emotional content of your work.

It is a protected time for you to slow down and reflect on your past actions, emotions, experiences, and responses at work. It aims to help you build reflective capacity and resilience at work.

Are you interested in Reflective Consultation?

Multiple groups and flexible times available. Six months commitment required.

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Over 300 professionals participated in reflective consultation since 2016

Participants felt nurtured and supported by their reflective practice consultants.

Participants reported they formed trusting relationships with their reflective practice consultant.

Participants reported that reflective practice has improved their ability to be reflective.

Participants reported that reflective practice has shown them how to integrate emotion and reasons into their work.

" This has been a very positive experience for my office, and we all look forward to it. It had a very positive impact on our morale, and helped us to understand our similarities that we may not have been aware of and to better understand our differences to better work together while also supporting each other given the demanding field within which we work. It's emotional work that we do on a daily basis, so this provides an outlet to vent, work on solutions, and support each other. Much of our success is directly due to the environment created by our facilitator."
– RP recipient; attorney

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Get trained to use reflective practice in your work!

The NCRP provides an in-depth training program for individuals and organizations who want to infuse reflective practice into their work. 

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