Supplier/Payee Registration to receive payment for CPP Reimbursement Request

Per UNL’s payment process, before someone can be paid, he/she must first register with UNL’s Procurement office to be set up in UNL’s payment system. If you have any questions, contact Cassie Roberts at

Do not complete this form if:

  1. You have previously submitted a CPP reimbursement request (you are already set up to receive payments in our system), OR
  2. You have already completed this form—only complete this form once.


  1. Review who is eligible for reimbursement and what work can be reimbursed: Child-Parent Psychotherapy Work Reimbursement Eligibility (PDF)
  2. Complete the form below.

What happens after you have completed this form

  1. The information you provided will be entered into UNL’s payment system.
  2. UNL’s Procurement office will contact you/your company’s financial person at the email address you provided to finish the supplier/payee registration process.
    1. You CANNOT be paid until supplier/payee registration is completed.
    2. Cassie Roberts from NRPVYC will contact you once the supplier/payee registration process is complete.
  3. After procurement registration is complete, Cassie Roberts will email you to let you know you can now submit your UNL Visiting Personnel Form (PDF) and CPP Reimbursement Eligibility Request Form (PDF) documents.
Who will receive payment?
Financial Contact Name
This is who will finish registration with UNL Procurement’s office.
Mailing Address
Enter the mailing address of the individual OR the company being paid.
Clinician preforming the CPP work
Name of Clinician preforming the CPP work