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Coloring Inside the Lines: Essential Elements of Early Childhood Mental Health


This video will outline some key elements of early childhood assessment. Early childhood mental health assessment needs to address the special needs of young children and their relationship to caregivers while taking into account their rapid development during the first five years of life. It will discuss elements that are essential to giving a full picture of the child’s social and emotional health within the context of their relationships where they learn and grow. The DC 0-5 (Diagnositic Manual for 0-5 by Zero to Three) will serve as a guideline for these essential elements.

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Jennie Cole-Mossman, LIMHP

She is a licensed independent mental health practitioner with extensive training and experience in early childhood trauma, Child Parent Psychotherapy, and Parent Child Relationship Assessments. She is currently one of only four trainers for Child-Parent Psychotherapy in Nebraska. She is also trained in reflective practice. In her current role, she provides system and case level consultation on issues related to early childhood trauma and the infusion of early childhood well being into court systems, provides reflective consultation to various groups, and trains on a number of early childhood topics.

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