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Effects of Maternal Drug Use on Pregnancy & Early Childhood Development


This video will:

  • Review the prevalence of drug use in pregnancy.
  • Discuss in utero effects of fetal development.
  • Discuss in utero effects of preterm delivery risks.
  • Discuss outcomes for infants exposed to THC and/or methamphetamines in utero.
  • Discuss outcomes for infants receiving breast milk from mothers using THC and/or methamphetamines.

Previously recorded on October 10, 2023

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Dr. Evin Lackore, MD

Dr. Lackore is a pediatrician who has been practicing in rural Nebraska for almost 5 years. He has experience in providing care for children in the NICU, Hospital, and Clinic settings. Dr. Lackore serves on the Maternal/Child Health Department Board at Good Samaritan Hospital and is the Supervising Physician for the NICU there. In his down time Dr. Lackore enjoys spending time with his wife and 1yo daughter as well as being active in their local church and community events.

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