Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP)

NRPVYC is a major partner in expanding Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) in Nebraska.

The early years of a child’s life are critical in ensuring his or her social, cognitive and emotional well-being. Children who have been maltreated or are at risk for maltreatment frequently suffer from trauma, toxic stress and/or chronic neglect, all of which can greatly impact proper development. Evidence-based early childhood services can halt or mitigate the negative effects of maltreatment. Mental health services, such as Child-Parent Psychotherapy, can address socio-emotional concerns by rebuilding the relationship between the child and the caregiver with a focus on how emotions and past trauma impact the parent-child relationship.

Another helpful resource website is Nebraska Mental Health.

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Training Process

Our Child-Parent Psychotherapy training program includes seven full days of training and at least 35 consultation calls spread over 18 months.

broad timeline of the cpp training process


We believe the best way to learn to practice Child-Parent Psychotherapy is by doing, which is why our trainees start their first CPP case within one month of their initial training date. Our trainers provide constant support through these first few cases with twice-monthly consultation calls and reflective consultation sessions.