Integration of Working Models of Attachment into Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (IoWA-PCIT)

NRPVYC is partnering to expand IoWA-PCIT in Nebraska.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is an evidenced-based treatment. IoWA-PCIT, developed by Beth Troutman, PhD, integrates findings from attachment research into PCIT. This treatment works with the parent-child relationship to increase positive attachment while decreasing challenging behaviors and emotional disturbances.

IoWA-PCIT is used to support children ages 2-7 who have experienced a variety of risk factors that contribute to disruptive behaviors and parental stress. This is a preferred treatment modality for young children who have other disorders with behavioral and/or attachment concerns.

Become a PCIT Provider

NRPVYC provides training to Nebraska clinicians and out-of-state clinicians who wants to become a PCIT Provider. The training program also includes monthly consultation calls for 12 months.

Upcoming IoWA-PCIT Trainings

Find a PCIT Provider

Find a provider who have completed or are in the process of completing an implementation level training in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy.